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30 Days of Star Wars
Day 9 - Least Favorite Character
Mara Jade.  
1) BIGGEST. MARY. SUE. EVERRRRR.  Hot redhead chick who everyone likes who was an uber assassin for the emperor (yet, leik, no one ever knew), turned out to a l33t Jedi, married the ‘main lead’ (Luke) becuz dat’s so sexay!!11, supposed to have traumatic past (AND EMOS), but turns out fairly normal in the end.   If this wasn’t official I swear everyone would shoot her for the giant Sue she is.  And should.
2) She married the biggest pansy in the whole series.  I mean, if yer going to have a hard core past like that, can you at least try to have a non-crack pairing?  Or not at all?  Please?  The love/hate thing in the Thrawn trilogy almost made me stop reading.
3) Her son killed Boba Fett’s daughter.  That’s enough reason to make me hate her forever.
3) She went from assassin who supposedly could do stuff [we never see evidence], to fail Jedi?  Really?

One saving grace:  Karen Traviss killed her off.  ;D   Yet another reason to love that badass author.  <3

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