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holy fuck zihark has a nice butt

seeing all of these amazeball fanzines really make me want a Hellsing one to exist . .   .. .

  -  31 August

i feel incredibly weird saying i liked the first episode of legend of korra way more than most of avatar.

> Another thing is maintaining motivation. I’ve found that you should always have less than 20 seconds between now and the time in which you can begin practicing.  Longer than 20 seconds and your brain can potentially distract you. So always having your sketchbook, art station, whatever READY TO GO on a moments notice is important. Batman doesn’t have to fill his car tires with bat gas when disaster strikes, and you shouldn’t have to sharpen your pencils and clear your desk before you go into action. - garg

> When I feel rusty and uncreative I tend to pick up my reference folder, click on a random folder and start drawing from reference every single picture in the order they appear until I start to derail to more creative stuff, I’ve found that this helps me a lot in many little ways.  - akida

> I used to draw tons of fan art, then everyone told me that’s old hat and I should make my own stuff. I started to avoid things for fear that I’ll steal something and be unoriginal. I’ve always wanted to create something new and original, but I found myself distancing myself from any form of inspiration, and now my creativity and motivation is at an all time low.  So my advice for you is, draw whatever the heck you want while you still want to draw it, regardless of what others tell you to focus on instead. Not doing so means potentially losing that drive. - McKnackus I

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